F: IC S*Riisnes Ragnar NFO as 09 24

M: S*Älvdansens Fredrika Bremer NFO n 09





S*Älvdansens Indra F NFO ns 09 22 Jessica Eng, Sandviken


Indra has like her mother Fredrika been a hostcat in the home of Jessica. She was born a bit too early and her two siblings unfortunately didn´t make it. Indra grew up in our house and we got to know her very special personality. One of her peculiarities is the one of snapping people´s food according to the motto "anything stolen tastes good".

When Indra was about 1,5 years old she had a date with a huge blue/white teddy-bear: GIC S*Sherwoodskogens Hollyfield and togehter they are the parents of our Q-litter. Coming back to our other cats as an adult cat was no problem. Indra has now moved back to Jessica for good, and both she and her mother are now hers.

Thank you Indra for the time you´ve spent with us, and thanks for your daughters Quo Vadis and Quinta Essentia who embellish our life in an extraordinary way!

Thanks to Jessica for all fine cooperation during these years and good luck with the girls!

And thanks to Jörgen&Bettan at S*Gunsmokes for letting Indra meet Hollyfield!


S*Älvdansens Indra,  1 year


5 months



10 weeks



Indra 9 weeks with her mother Fredrika