PR S*Älvdansens Little John "Älvis"

2003-11-28 - 2013-08-08

This sweet, big furball left very suddenly...



S*Zios Blueberry

2001-12-14 - 2013-03-23

A very special girl, sweet and loving, a bit crazy... When she passed

away the cattery was left without it´s best entertainer.



S*Älvdansens Winsome Witch


This lovely girl had a far too short life. Everything was done for her when she became ill, but unfortunataly

her life could not be saved. Rest in peace, wonderful Winnie...




When Tassi passed away she had shared half my adult life, and she had seen my daughters grew up

and become adults. She had walked many miles with me and Candy and she had survived numbers of adventures through the years. None can ever replace this very special lady. Farewell, "Tassike".




Candy (Cheer´s Lost and Found)


There are no words to describe the emptiness when you left me. Your body could no longer support you but your mind was ever the same. Sweetest, kindest friend of mine.



IP S*Älvdansens Julia Beck

2003-01-11 - 2011-04-20

Julia our director of public relations -always purring and jumping into people´s laps- left us

just before Easter 2011 due to kidney failure. She was owned by my father but always lived with

me -thanks Dad for letting us share the life of lovely Julia...




GIC S*Älvdansens Amalie Skram

1999-04-09 - 2011-02-02

My beloved Amalie -the bond between us was always strong

but finally we had to give it up. I can still feel the warmth and weight of you sitting

on my shoulder, your favourite place. Rest in peace...


CH S*Aristo Limaz Lothar

21/5 1998-3/12 2009

Only one week after you lost your best friend and brother in arms Gunde

you went to meet him on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Thank you our beautiful boy

for the years we had together and all your babies! Through some of them you will live on much more time...



IC Sjövikens Gunde

27/10 1996- 26/11 2009

Gunde, our first NFO and the reason why we came to share home and life

with this wonderful breed. Rest in peace our lovely boy.



CH S*Älvdansens Doris Lessing

29/6 2000-16/10 2009

Darling Doris I can´t believe you are not with us any longer...  Always showing your love and affection until the moment you died in my arms. Thank you for all the years we had together and all your wonderful babies!



S*Älvdansens Sophie Elkan


Our lovely Sophie was taken away from us far too young.

Instead of becoming mother this year she fell victim of malign tumours.

There was nothing that could be done, and she suffers no more. We miss you a lot sweetheart...


S*Älvdansens Tummelisa

6/11 - 13/11 2005


Mystica 3 juni 2005

S*Trolldungen´s Miss Mystica

14/2 1997-13/6 2005

Min hjärtekatt, min nallekatt, du lämnar ett tomrum som ingen kan fylla...



S*Älvdansens Oliver Twist

29/5-28/6 2004

Oliver turned out to be born with a congenital damage on the spinal marrow

 and there was nothing that could be done for him. Rest in peace our bravehearted little darling.


CH S*Tigressan´s Saiti


Our darling, our love, the sweetest girl that ever set paws on this earth is no longer with us. Our sorrow and grief is great, our joy of having shared her life is even greater.

Thank you Saiti for all you gave us. Sleep well where no pain can reach you. We will miss you forever...


9th Dec 1992-17th July 2000


In loving memory
Thank you, Bamse , darling, for all the
joy you gave us and for all the fun we
had together. Rest in peace, our wonderful boy.

To the kittens born in our cattery and that have left this life, leaving their families in grief:

You were much loved, you are much missed.
  Thanks to their owners for all the love and care you gave them.