S*Glorfindel´s Shy Guy

Male, neuter

NFO as 22

Dob 25th Aug 2009


HCM- and GSD IV neg

F: IC S*Florinella´s Eis Edelweiss NFO e 22
S*Zygot´s Di-Lana NFO ns 09 22

Breeder: Marina Holmberg

Owner: Helena S, Kinna


After becoming a neuter Sigge never found his position among the other cats. Six months later he moved to my friend Helena for a trial period. It turned out to be a great success! They really enjoy each other´s company and Sigge gets all the attention he can dream of!

Of course I miss this lovely boy but I know he can´t have a better home, I a visit them as often as I can.



Date Place Judge Class Result
10-11-07 VK, V Frölunda E Reijers 9 CAC, BoV, NOM
10-05-16 SPIN, Bohus S Bernard 11 Ex 1
10-05-09 DK, Gislaved A Köhn 11 Ex 1
091213 ÄK, V Frölunda A Köhn 12 Ex 2
091212 ÄK, V Frölunda H Jensen 12 Ex 3


Shy Guy 14 månader



Shy Guy and his friend IC S*Gunsmokes Maximus



Foto: Marina Holmberg